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How to Prepare the Perfect Wine Tasting

Spring is coming with longer days and perfect weather for evenings on the terrace. So it’s the perfect time for aperitifs and discovering some new wines.

A glass of red wine on the terrace

To start off with, you must decide which wines you’d like to discover. Personally I love discovering wines from other regions with different varietals and landscapes. It’s a time when you can share and discover wines in a laid back setting. In my case I love tasting wines from small wineries which for the most part are excellent but don’t have the means to make a name for themselves.

In order to find these little treasures the best is to go directly to the winemaker and choose the wines at the estate but for the majority of us that isn’t really an option because we’re either too busy or we don’t live near any producers. In that case a good solution is to go to an independent wine merchant that can have some hidden treasures and very good advice.

Choosing the right wine can be an intimidating step with so many wineries and wine regions but it doesn’t have to be. Wine is above all a product that is made to share and remains subjective. A wine that one person likes will not necessarily please someone else and that doesn’t matter, the most important is to share and discover.

After having made a selection of wines to taste it’s the time to choose a good food pairing. Tradition dictates that the foundations are cheese and charcuterie, but this tradition can be personalized and we can add our own flair to it.

Cheeses: Choose cheeses that vary in strength and texture in order to discover a range of flavours that could pair with the wines you chose

Charcuterie: Same as with the cheeses, the idea is to vary the flavours by selecting meats from different regions to bring a little something extra to the wine tasting. For example: a selection of cold cuts from Bayonne, Spain and Corsica

Fruits: Certain fruits pair perfectly with cheeses and so create super combinations such as Gouda with apples or figs with Roquefort.

Jams and Jellies: They can bring about a little something extra to your tasting especially with a cherry jam

Nuts: It's very well known that walnuts are the perfect pairing for blue cheeses as they bring an extra texture to the tasting. You can also add others such as almonds or hazelnuts

Platter with cheeses, meats, fruits, bread and nuts

Now that I've made you really hungry, all that's left is to invite some friends and family and share this moment together.

Don't forget to share your platters by using the hashtag #aperartdevivre on social.

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