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The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil Review

Looking to improve your wine knowledge? Are you absolutely confused when someone talks to you about how a Chateauneuf du pape is so different from a Côte Rôtie? Well this book will be your saviour.

The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

I started my wine book journey with The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil. I was looking for a well rounded book that would have all the information I would need concerning the different wine regions in the world as well as the different grape varieties. The over 1000 pages that make up this revised edition of The Wine Bible are filled with everything you would want to know about the different terroirs and even some obselete wine regions. Are you looking for a wine from the Shandong province in China? Well the wine bible has you covered with a list of wines to try.

The Wine Bible - map of Italian wine regions

In addition to the sections on the different wine regions in the world, this book goes into detail on the different aspects of winemaking and wine tasting. Teaching the reader all there is to know about the different elements that go into making wine in addition to the elements that affect the taste of wine such as the weather with wind and frost and the impact of the soil or "terroir".

Each section about a different wine region will first give a summary of the region with a map so that you are able to identify the specific regions in the context of the country. There is also a section on the specific grape varieties that are used as well as a section on the "wines to know" from that region. This helps enormously if you are just looking to try a few wines from regions you do not know. The guide will enable you to narrow your search field when looking for the wine to taste. Karen MacNeil says she developed this section for her readers to be able to know what to try if they were in a restaurant in tuscany for example.

Wine books are a lovely way of discovering new wine regions that you've never heard of before and find out how they are different from the ones you know. This book is great for those who want a book which can be referenced whenever you have a question about wine. The way it is structured helps the reader find the informating he's looking for without having to read the entire book.

What do you think? Have you read The Wine Bible? What are your other favourite wine books?

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