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Rosé and Sushi

Rose and Sushi

With the heat of the summer all you want to do is eat something nice and cool with a refreshing drink and do anything but turn on your oven. With this is mind I've come up with the perfect recipe for homemade sushi to pair perfectly with a rosé wine.

Sushis start off by seaming really complicated when you see that chef in the sushi restaurant with his meter long sharp chef knives and the fast rolling techniques he uses. Actually it's anything but complicated, making sushis is really simple once you get the correct techniques down. To help you off I've created a little recipe sheet at the bottom which explains the main steps in to creating the perfect summer sushis and makis.

Bottle of Mas d'Albo rosé Saint Chinian cucumber and avocado salmon makis

Firstly let's talk about the wine. I know the normal way of looking at things is to choose you wine according to the food you're eating but as every wine lover will tell you is that one chooses the food to go with the wine and not the other way round. Rosé is very versatile as it can go very well with grilled meats or fish.

In this case this light rosé from Mas d'Albo Saint-Chinian goes perfectly with sushis as it perfectly accompanies the minerality contained in the fish with its own light minerality. With a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre, this wine brings some fruity notes of raspberry and gooseberry. This wine comes from a small producer in the Saint-Chinian appellation with a total of 13 hectares of vines spread over several small micro plots. This domaine is situated on clay limestone soils and surrounded with "garrigue" vegetation which made up of the natural herbs that make up the Saint Chinian appellation as well as Holm oaks. They strive to preserve their environment by using traditional methods in creating their wines that mirror this effort in their quality.

Mas d'Albo rosé

How for the Sushis, they have a reputation for being complicated and expensive but if you're interested in venturing out and makin them yourself then I'll start off by saying that it looks way more complicated than it actually is. You don't need any fancy equipment other than the basic ingredients that make up the sushis. That said if you want to make more fancy extravagant sushis with other ingredients than this recipe must be adapted in consequence.

Rosé and sushi

Sushi Recipe

Yield: 2 people


  • 225 grams of Sushi rice

  • 315 ml of cold water

  • 1.5 tablespoons of sugar

  • 1 teaspoon of salt

  • 37.5 ml of rice vinegar

  • a paquet of Nori Sheets

  • 100g of fresh salmon

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 cucumber


First off we are going to start off by creating the sushi rice.

  1. Wash the rice in a collander until the water becomes clear

  2. Drain the water and let the rice sit in the colander for 20 minutes

  3. Once the water has drained, put the rice in a thick bottomed pot and add 325 ml of water

  4. Let the water boil, then turn dow the heat and cover with a lid to let the rest of the water to absorb

  5. While the rice is cooking, in a mixing bowl, blend together the rice vinegar, the salt and sugar until everything is dissolved. To speed un this process you can heat up the solution.

  6. Once the rice has finished cooking transfer it to a mixing bowl in order to help it reach room temperature.

  7. You can then add in the vinegar solution making sure not the crush the rice.

Now that the rice is ready we can start creating the different sushis

Avocado and Salmon makis

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut thin slices of salmon off the filet in a horizontal motion

  2. Use a spoon to scoop out some avocado pieces

  3. Lay a sheet of Nori on a cutting board

  4. Cover the nori sheet with a thin layer of sushi rice using the back side of a spoon making sure there is at least a 1.5cm margin at the end of the sheet to close it up properly once it is all rolled up

  5. Add the slivers of Salmon and avocado to the top of the sheet in a line.

  6. Roll up the nori sheet starting at the top where the line of salmon and avocado is.

  7. Wet your hands with some cold water to help seal the end of the nori sheet to itself

Cucumber Makis

Here it's the same as the avocado and salmon makis but instead of filling the sushis with a line of avocado and salmon you add in cucumber slices that are peeled

I hope now you'll find that making sushis is a lot simpler than you previously thought and it's the perfect excuse to bring together your closest friends and enjoy a bottle of rosé while eating this deliciously fresh meal

Cucumber and avocado/salmon makis

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