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My Top 3 Organic Red Wines

Organic wines are becoming more and more common in the market. While some may feel that it's just a phase for a select group of clients, the reality is that the organic wine market is becoming a thriving force which is enticing more and more customers every year.

Organic wines are above all a way of life and a way of producing wines without using any harsh chemicals including insecticides and pesticides and as clients become more and more implicated in the food and drinks they consume it's natural for us to look at the best quality wines money can buy.

Domaine Bordes - Les Narys

Domaine Bordes was established in 2001 and regroups several vineyards in the villages of Saint Chinian, Assignan, Villespassans and Babeau Bouldoux. The earth is made up of limestone and slate depending on the precise locations of the vineyards. Some vineyards of Carignan are up to a century old. Philippe Bordes, the owner of the estate harvests the grapes with the utmost respect for the vines. The grapes are sorted and collected in crates in order to select only the best ones and avoid crushing them. The property uses organic farming techniques and green harvest in order to preserve the flavours contained in each cluster.

Les Narys is a red wine blend made up of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan. Aged in French barrels for 14 months the wine has a superb complexity. With notes of cherry and blackcurrant, this wine offers great intensity of flavours all the while maintaining a perfect balance.

Borie La Vitarele - Les Terres Blanches

Borie La Vitarèle is a wine estate in the Saint Chinian appellation of 18 hectares. The property is situated in the little village of Causses et Veyran in the foothills of the Carroux mountains. Jean François and Cathy Izarn have cultivated their vines using organic farming methods and biodynamic practices since 1998. Their wines are the pure reflection of the lands and terroirs on which they grow. After Jean François tragically passed away due to a tractor accident in April 2014, Cathy has continued his legacy by creating wines that harness the essence of the nature and landscape that form their vines.

Les Terres Blanches is a cuvee named after the typically arid soils that surround the village of Causses et Veyran. The vines are surrounded by garrigue and pine trees which deposit their essences on grapes of Syrah and Grenache. This wine displays a beautiful elegance and fruitiness with discrete tannins bringing about a perfectly mediterranean cuvee.

Mas de Cynanque - Actum

Mas de Cynanque is an estate which prides itself on creating quality wines using organic farming methods. It is relatively new, creating its first vintage in 2004, and since then with every harvest, prides itself on creating concentrated wines with balance and minerality which emulate the essence of the soils, plants and grapes. Each vintage is harvested by hand in crates and a selection of the best grapes are done on the plot in order to bring in only the best to create the best possible wines.

Actum is a blend of 60% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre, 10% Grenache and 10% Carignan. Solely produced from old vines with low yields, they pride themselves on cultivating their vines with the utmost respect for the environment from the vine right to the grape. The cuvee is fermented in small tanks of 30 to 40 hl before being aged in new French oak barrels for 12 months.

The effort which is poured into this wine can be tasted on the tip of your tongue when you taste this exquisite wine. A true labour of love. On the attack this wine is all in the subtleties of the fruit, mid-palate you explore the complexities of blackberries and cherry accompanied with mocha and velvety tanins on the finish.

These wines show how even (or should I say especially) organic wines have a lot to offer.

What are your favourite organic wines?

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